Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My skin dries out easily. What lotion should I use after the MiLi Shaving Oil?
A:  You don’t have to use any lotion after using MiLi Shaving Oil. MiLi all natural shaving oil has a substantial moisturizing effect. Jojoba oil (one of the components of our shaving oil) is very effective for moisturizing and is similar to the oils that humans naturally produce to prevent dry skin. We increased the moisturizing effect with Vitamin E and antioxidants.  MK, PhD, Chief Scientific officer


Q:  Do you have other flavors beside the Cinful Citrus? My boyfriend isn't crazy about the lemon taste. Something sweeter?
A:  We currently have 6 additional flavors for customers to choose from. For a sweeter taste try our Tropical Tease or Sensual Strawberry! LS, COO


Q:  I started using the shaving oil as a body lotion after my shower. Is it safe to leave on my body all day?
A:  It is safe to leave MiLi all natural shaving oil on the body, but we recommend using our MiLi anti-aging oil and all natural massage oil for this purpose. MK


Q: Can I use your shaving oil with an electric razor?
A:  Yes.  It is recommended that you use MiLi Shaving Oil on wet skin with a wet electrical shaver like Braun, Norelco and other makers of wet electric razors.  We have heard from many customer testimonials that the MiLi Shaving Oil leaves them with a smooth and refeshing wet shave. MK


Q: Can I mix my own oil for dry skin?
A:  We get this question asked a lot and of course you can mix your own essential oils, and have fun experimenting with different combinations.  However, you must make sure your supplier is delivering the best, pure essential oils in an uncompromised supply-chain.  There have been incidents of less than honest essential oil suppliers delivering an inferior quality oil. That's why MiLi only uses the best, pure essential oils from suppliers that are highly trusted throughout the all natural skin care industry.  You should also research the physical-chemical characteristics of each essential oil you will be mixing to make sure the combination of oils has the benefits you're after. MiLi Oils has spent years researching the best ratios and combinations of essential oils for maximum benefits to your skin. MK


Q:  What is in the shaving oil?
A:  MiLi all natural shaving oil is a combination of natural, essential oils and vitamins specifically combined to make the shaving process easy, effective and pleasurable. LS


Q:  My husband has sensitive skin and most shaving creams make him break out. He tried shaving with olive oil, but he smelled like salad dressing all day. Any suggestions?
A:  Olive oil can be used for shaving, but it doesn’t have the necessary blend of vitamins, antioxidants and all natural ingredients like MiLi's all natural shaving oil does. Our shaving oil is more effective and pleasant to smell on the skin. MK


Q:  Do you have gift cards?
A:  Yes, a gift card is a wonderful present for any special occassion for a friend or loved one that values having healthy, younger looking skin without adding chemicals and toxins to their body.  You can buy a gift card from MiLi Oils by calling or sending an e-mail to LS


Q:  My girlfriend is using the shaving oil on her legs and other parts… is it ok for me to kiss and lick it off?
A:  Absolutely! You can kiss your girlfriend after she's used MiLi Shaving Oil because we use only all natural oils and vitamins of the highest quality.   MK


Q:  I shave my head and face in the shower. Do you have something in a bar soap? 
A:  We don’t have our shaving oil in a bar soap. LS


Q:  How will I know if I may be allergic to the essential oils in your product?
A:  We haven't received any complaints from customers using MiLi's all natural shaving oil regarding allergies.  We use only the best all natural essential oils so people with sensitive skin are far less likely to have any adverse reactions.  The only ingredient which may cause some minor allergies is the essential oils of lemon.  However, we use cold-pressed, organic Jojoba oil as a carrier in a proper dilution ratio that is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction.  If you have a history of allergies to any of the ingredients listed in our products, you may request a free sample to apply sparingly, with water, on a less sensitive area.  Dr. Inna


Q:  I keep my legs covered up most of the time out of embarrassment at how dry and scaley they are. Do you have any natural products for excessively dry skin? 
A:  MiLi Oils has many great, all natural products for dry skin.  We suggest using MiLi's anti-itching or MiLi's massage oils infused with vitamins and all natural essential oils specifically blended to moisturize skin, restore elasticity and smooth appearance of dry skin. LS


Q:  Is the shaving oil for both men and women?
A:  Yes. MiLi's all natural shaving oil is a great product for men and women. LS