Our Story

What happens when Beauty Industry Expert Jay Anthony Valadez partners with Mili Oils”s Chemist Michael Krasnyansky? Mili Oils was created when two brilliant minds came together to formulate Mili Organic Skin Care Oils WorldWide. {MOSCOW} Together we worked to create an organic, environmentally friendly line of cosmetic skin care products.

At Mili Oils, we believe at the foundation of skin care, there should be products that are organic, non toxic, environmentally friendly, and essential to your skin. Our goal is for you to see & feel results. We work with a narrow selection of botanical oils to curate an effective formula. Each ingredient is picked with care.  Each ingredient that we add to our products plays a specific role in the aid of healing, smoothing and keeping your skin healthy. In our formulation, we use only active ingredients which means that each ingredient serves a specific purpose.

Each product is a formulation that was developed with the properties of the skin in mind. We at Mili Oils, understand that the skin plays a vital role in protecting the skin from outside toxins and the absorption of key nutrients.

We are M.O.S.C.O.W. 

Mili Organic Skin Care Oils Worldwide